Terms & Conditions

Darjeeling Bikes makes every effort to provide you with the best of the services, making your tour more pleasant and most memorable one. We strive and Endeavour to provide safe and secured tour without any misunderstanding with you.
Please read and understand the booking & returning conditions for hiring any bikes before you book any bikes. The terms and conditions given below, on our website and the bike receiving/collecting form together with FAQ (frequently asked questions) forms the basis of our contract with you.


Minimum Booking Period
Minimum booking period to rent out a bike is 3 days. If anyone is booking a bike for less than that he has to pay 3 days rental.


Bike Rental Charge:


  1. 150CC Rs.1200/- per day
  2. 350CC Rs.1600/- per day
  3. 500CC Rs.2000/- per day

Security Deposit:


  1. 150CC Rs.10000/- per bike
  2. 350CC Rs.20000/- per bike
  3. 500CC Rs.25000/- per bike

Security deposit totally refundable when bike is returned with zero damages, minor damages will be overlooked and after non engine damages.


Booking Amount

A sum of Rs.5000/- on each bike will be required to be deposited in advance as soon as one finalizes the trip. This amount is refundable and will act as a security deposit once you collect the vehicle and start your journey after paying the rest security deposit.

Documents Required

 Below is the list of documents required to be submitted at the time of collecting bikes.

1. Indian National 

  • Address proof 
  • Copy of Driving License
  • Passport size Photo
  • Original copy of return Flight/Train tickets
2. Foreign National:
  •  Original copy of return flight tickets
  • Copy of International Driving License
  • Passport size Photo
  • Copy of passport

 Damages & its charges:


Minor damages such as a broken headlight glass, broken mirror, and broken indicators will be accepted since it is part of the sport of riding. But major damages be it accidental or on purpose will not be entertained. The decision is solely reserved for the company to decide whether to charge the client and under what basis. For example, if you damage a major part of the vehicle you will be required to replace it with a new one. 

Vehicle Inspection:


Before you start your journey, you will be required to inspect the vehicle and familiarize yourself with it. This process omits any further claims against the company or the vehicle in case of accidents or any other faults of the bikes on your riding. Please clear all doubts and requirements before you start your journey.


Receiving & Return Policy:


While receiving the vehicle, regardless of time you will be charged on a day basis. For example, if you collect your vehicle in the evening or late evening you will be charged for the whole day. But in case you cannot return the vehicle on the said date for accidental reasons you will not be charged for an extra day but on the other hand if you want to extend the hiring period, you can do this. But the company will need to be informed in advance.


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