Do's & Don'ts

Undoubtedly, you’re best in riding. You may participate in many events; be it your daily home to workplace ride or some of your previous rides. Yet, we believe in “precaution is better than cure”. Here are some Do’s & Don’ts we would like to let you know for safe riding.


  • Always put on helmet, both rider & pillion
  • Check breaks & lights at the time of receiving
  • While riding downhills, use lower gears
  • Double check your bikes documents always
  • Always ride in line like ants
  • Use less brakes, try to control with gears
  • Check and fill air in tyres every morning
  • Keep the bike in idle start every morning 30 minutes


  • Don't overtake while riding, mainly at turns in hills
  • Don't through garbages while riding, use garbage
  • Don't ride in nights, dense fogs and heavy rains
  • Don't void any traffic rules and rash or triple riding
  • Don't ride while drunked or park the bike anywhere​
  • Never ride in neutral while coming downhills
  • Don't ride with pillion above 10K ft in 150CC/220CC
  • Don't use excessive horns & modified silencer

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