Bike Rental in Siliguri: All You Need To Know For Your Next North East Bike Trip

Siliguri is the main point of attraction in northern India and no one can expect to get his trip finished without paying a visit to this magnificent traveler attraction. As a matter of fact, it has always been the prime spot of vacation for travel lovers.

Bike rental in Siliguri has always been a thrilling type of activity for people who visit this place. Moreover, Siliguri is the place from where your tour of northern India begins.

And when the thing is about the hills, we cannot afford to ignore the fact that road trips make the best travel memories that one can cherish and remember for his entire life. Therefore, apart from being the gateway of northern India, Siliguri is also a gateway for adventures of road trips.

Be prepared for a remarkable journey to the mountains covered by snow

People who are crazy about adventure often land up to rent bikes in Siliguri. There are various outlets that provide travelers with the option of renting bikes in this place. They will allow you to choose from a variety of bikes such as the Royal Enfield, Himalayan, avenger, and Thunderbird. Darjeeling Bikes is the first and best, check out our tripadvisor rewiews, you will get to know us better.  The beauty and the curve on the roads, mountains, rivers, and hills are among the various things that make the northeast, the best place for bike riding.

Therefore, if you are looking for a bike trip holiday then the northeast is the best place for you to get started. They take their initiation from Siliguri which makes it easy to cover up the whole of north India since that’s where the roads start for other parts of northern India such as Darjeeling, and Bhutan.

The reasons to choose bike rental in Siliguri over other forms of renting bikes

It was taken into action to serve the only purpose of providing you the best motorcycle tours. Siliguri has always been known for its beauty and we as a company are always destined to provide you an experience that you never forget and the memories that you create while on the bike in this magnificent place.

We assure you to provide the best quality of services in terms of bike rental and will take extreme care of your comfort here. As we all know that the travel plan always feels missing without paying a visit to this place since it is considered as the main junction from where the roads are diverted for other holiday venues.

We assure you these features when you plan your bike rental with us

  • Your booking is confirmed at the same moment you give a call to us
  • There will be no communication issue since we are situated in Siliguri only
  • We provide a wide array of varieties in bikes that range from off-roaders to cruiserweight bikes
  • We readily accept all forms of online payments and are very flexible with them
  • We guarantee you a 24*7 hour support for the ultimate traveling comfort

Why we are the perfect choice for all your bike rental needs?

We are one of the best and largest bike rental companies in the northeast. We are also authorized for managing and running this business.  We also provide an online option to rent bikes so that you can rent your bike without any hassle. All you need to do is enter your destination and the rest is up to us. We provide travelers with the most convenient way to rent bikes for their travel needs. Now enjoy the best moments of your holidays with your family, friends, and loved ones with our bike rental solutions.

The best thing about our bike rental service is that we provide a large variety of bikes that are well maintained and monitored by GPS trackers. We provide a lot of cruiser bikes such as both 350 and 500 models of bullet and Thunderbird, Himalayan bullet, Harley Davidson, and Avenger 220. We also do provide sports bikes such as KTM duke 200, Benelli, and Yamaha FZ. The booking method is also very easy and all you need is necessary documents such as your driving license, and address proof, a pre-deposit for security purposes, and the rent of the bike. Just make sure to check the health of the bike before taking it along with you for the trip.

Some tips to avoid problems while on trip

    • Make sure you don’t interfere with the local people and don’t put your nose in their matters. Make sure you pay respect to their privacy.
    • Keep extra care of religious places and know about their rules and regulations.
    • Make sure to follow only the mentioned path while on a trek and don’t try to alter it otherwise you can even get lost.
    • Don’t try to smoke or drink in religious places.

Also you can check our Do’s & Don’ts or Rental Guide to know more. Therefore, without making any further delays embark on the marvelous journey of north India with our bike rentals. That’s all we have for today. 

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